Thursday, May 7, 2009

R4i SDHC Landed in Red Box

R4i in Red

R4i SDHC Landed in Red Box

Thing always gets spread fast when it become a hot goods. At very beginning, we had told you something about this new R4i which is put in a red box, but thing alters so it’s time to reevaluate this paradox. GUI is designed as the same as DSTT with rarely little change, fortunately it work quite well.

One day after we checked this card, we received a request from one of our customer asking about where to get the correct kernel. He told us he recently bought an R4i-SDHC with a red package and tried to use it with his DS lite. Looking up the card box it said it works for DS, DSL, and DSi. However, he could’t find the correct firmware to make it work. We went to the official site according to his offer and found that one was under construction. So we googled out another similar site.

All of us were seriously freezed at the first sight. However, the description text was rather cool and fascinating, so we finally have a try. It worked, no big problem or anything uncomfortable. Anyway, we buy flashcard in order to enjoy it, no matter what it really is like real R4 family, revolutionary new technic or something else. The most important thing besides the quality of card itself is to find a really professional seller who has reliable reputation and considerate after service. So there will be no worry or panic about any fault or issue of your flashcard. Contacting with a good partner is more efficient and warranted than taking risk buying goods.

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More about R4i SDHC and R4i related coming soon…

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