Sunday, November 23, 2008

The trends

The Trends of Video Game Consoles and Accessories

Video game is ever in popularity and means and mediums to make it effective are developed each day compares with other games it has showed a much wider grown space. Game consoles enhances the thrill and fun in the game. With game console accessories, better treatment is given to the user as well as the game. With it any video games can be more adventurous.

What is the most popular video game console in the markets? Maybe you can give me an answer you may say they are Nintendo Wii, SONY PSP, NDSL, XBOX360 or you say it is one of these because you have been a game player for many years, you own saveral game console. Congratulations! You are right, The 3 company have almost occupied the whole video game industry and people love to play with them very much.

We are now considering them from different inspects.

1. Portability
Sony and Nintendo have playen important roles for many years and they are the most famous developers in this field. PSP series and DS lite has own a large plenty of fans separately, both of them are now doit very well.

2. Funny
Nintendo pays more attention in this fields, NDSL is small and intersting at the same time Wii is a device which combine the fun and body building, anyone who play playstation games should be attractived by its exciting game stories and nice pictures, and XBOX paymore attention in game enjoyment.

When these game console were launched they were fixed at a similar low price and you can find they made exploring games as their focal point of the work. Accompany with advance in science and technology, the cost down and we think the price will be more lower.

When the first game console was made so many people were crazy with them, the use of game consoles are pursue pleasure but now many players are wandered through playing games. Multifunction use is a trend, you can use a console to play games, listen musics, read ebooks, see movies, and keep fit, Powerful Function is needed. We have talked about the game consoles, but what about the accessories? We will also consider them from some inspects below:

1. Function
The most important condition of a item which use as a accessory is function, basic function is protection portable, and now some items are necessary for a console, they also can nice the consoles. In the morden world fashion is must be considered.

2. Price
Though economics growth all the time, as a comsumer when I want to buy something I must compare their prices. Everything are in progress we want to buy the best things with the least money, right?

3. Material
Green, environmentally are always argued in world wide, people are paying more attention in theri heathy and earth protection, when an item made it should be test on all sides. It should choose the right material to produce the right goods.

What do you think about this trend?


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