Wednesday, December 24, 2008

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Gameyeeeah's gift for Christmas---Entertainment pack of Wii

Gameyeeeah's gift for Christmas---Entertainment pack of Wii

Buying a game console accessory is equally important as buying a game console. It is because these console accessories have to be used for enjoying the full excitement of the games. gameyeeeah have considered this problem and this time we will bring you a entertainment pack for Wii games.

These elements have to be used by Nintendo Wii players while they play games like guitar hero, karaoke and Wii music. This is not a pack of just accessories but a pack of great fun, you can use them to gain more recreation like music and dance. We also put a 2800mAh high capacity rechargeable battery pack in the pack, you can having fun without worrying about the electric energy of your controller. This gaming accessory is a suitable pack for playing Wii games which brings reality while you play. Get full enjoyment of Nintendo Wii games by using this Wii entertainment pack.
These are some images of the items, you can also check the link to see them sell in gameyeeeah.
Dance Mat for Wii

Maraca Grip for Nintendo Wii Samba de Amigo

PEGA Wireless Karaoke Microphone for Wii

PEGA Wireless Guitar for Wii

New PEGA Dual Charging Station with 2800mAh Battery for Wii Remotes

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