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Wü Fit balance board Review

Health Revolution ~ Wü Fit

Wü Fit

Still remember the surprise Wii Fit brings to us on 1, December 2007? It's totally a new concept of gameplay which gives you exercises to help your balance and strength. Some of the injuried and corpulent people had also solved their problems of recovering health and losing weight by Wü Fit exercising. It's highly appraised among the population who is busy at work and has no time for exercises. And it may become the link of your family members as a joyfully and effortlessly entertaining. Today we are glad to lead you to the world of this simple fantastic peripheral. Now there comes brotherhood of Wii Fit which does total compatibility and be more economical compared with the original one: Wü Fit.

First let's take some info about the main character of Wü Fit: Wü balance board.
Wü balance board

Dimension: 511mm by 316mm by 53.2mm, streamlined arc shape design
Weight: 3.5kg, three times heavier than Wii itself
Connection: wireless interacts with Wii, sensitive and accurate perception
Power Supply: 4 AA batteries, nearly 60 hours gameplay
Take 150kg maximum weight
Can create maximum 8 user's database
Perfect compatibility to Wii Fit
Wü balance boardWü balance board

It's regarded as a white elegant-looking board which features rough surface and four rubber feet to prevent from slip. For the first time use, the balance board requires some personal data to create your database and body-building plan. You will be asked for do some simple movement on the board which confirms your barycenter after inputting your basic data. A BMI test result will be showed at the end of test which tells your Wii Fit age and fitness level. So you can set your dieting goal by a few notches within the next few weeks.

Now we begin our exercise titles. All of them are split into four different kinds: yoga, muscle, aerobic, and balance. You can choose your virtual coach in yoga and muscle section, the main assignment is following his / her movement as normative as you can. He / she will make a conclusion and give you a score depending on your performance.
Yoga in Wü Fit

It's more exactly like an interactive instruction film for this section. There're 15 different poses ranging from breathing (easiest) to shoulder stand (hardest). You can get the purpose of every exercise posture from the guide and choose what you aim at. It's suited for housewife and those lack of practice.

Muscle in Wü Fit

This part contains exercise mainly on articulate movement and muscle training. Some of them are extensive exercise of yoga section. Just do simple movement but gain intensive training. You can do all of them without Wü Fit but lesser fun to get it from.

Aerobic and Balance
Aerobic and Balance in Wü Fit

The aerobic and balance section are fun side of Wü Fit with 18 games to choose from. Majority of games in aerobic call all possible body movements into action. For teenagers the hula hoops and step dancing are the very first ones they wanna involve in. Those games activate your full body especially waist and lower limbs.

If you get bored with those simple movements, the 9 games in balance section will show you the most interesting inspiration of Wü Fit. You should be in the mood to do some of action which is more accurate and variable. Take an example, pay attention to the football shoes the forwards kick at you in Football and control over the jolt in Ski Jumping.

However, you have to use Wii Remote Controller to choose games, skip intro and confirm information while enjoying Wü Fit. And you may get high score in some games by cheating (we mean you can accomplish it by play tricks). After all, we highly recommend this good stuff to all of you from kids to the elderly. With the principle of body building and bringing enjoyment, we hope Nintendo to introduce more interesting game forms by third party producers. Let's enjoy Wii Fit with Wü balance board.

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