Wednesday, January 14, 2009

For Dance or Training?

Wii Family trainer mat and Wii dance mat

Wii Family trainer mat and Wii dance mat
mat, For Dance or Training?

When we see them in the internet or put them together and you know both of them are special degsign for Wii, how you think of them, maybe you think they are 2 kind of dance mat for Wii. I am sorry to tell you they are different, the Wii family trainer mat is like the Wii fit balance board and gamer can use it to play saveral games, but the Wii dance mat is special design for Wii dance games, and the appearance is more suitable for dance games.
Let's see some images of them first:

Wii Family trainer mat and Wii dance mat

Wii Family trainer mat
Wii dance mat
Wii Family trainer mat

We can tell them apart easily from these pictures, to see more Please check Wii family train.

Here is some knowledge of them, hope them to be helpful!

The Wii dance mat and Wii dance mat game also have lots of other features. There are customisable routines – so you can dance to your own tune and push yourself even when you’ve managed to master the 50+ songs included. A battle mode lets you place obstacles for your partner if dancing with one or more other players.

For the original Wii family trainer mat pack, Just like in the arcades. Bring a new and funky dimension to game control - with your feet. The ultimate dancing simulation. the game includes the specially designed Family Trainer mat controller which, when combined with the Wii Remote, lets players get totally physical in a series of crazed challenges. Unlike other games for the Wii which only focus on the arms, Family Trainer gets the feet involved too for total body gameplay. Simple controls and intuitive play make the game easy to just pick up and play, and let players of any age get involved, get physical and have maximum fun.

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