Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Nice PSP-3006

Vibrant Blue
Radiant Red

PSP-3006 "Radiant Red" and "Vibrant Blue" Launched in Hongkong

Sony has launched a new range of colors for their PSP-3006 today, these new carnival colors include "Radiant Red" and "Vibrant Blue." The new PlayStation Portable colors are available in Hongkong first, this will be earlier than launched in Taibei and Japan, and will cost ¥1380 that"s about $202 USD.

It is not known if the rest of the world will see these new colors, not sure if they will want them either. PSP fans are not interested in new colors. What they are hoping for is a totally new PSP, so Sony had better think again, gamers will not be fooled into a few color changes.

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