Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Protect Your Wii Balance board!

Protective soft skin for Wii balance board

Overview: Keep your Wii Balance Board clean while improving your grip and even adding style with Talismoon protective soft skin. Available in several colors, it is the perfect companion to your balance board.
Protective soft skin for Wii balance board

Quality/Usability: When there is an accessory such as the Balance Board, accessories for it is not far behind. When the Wii was first released, there were reports of peoples TVs being smashed by the Wiimote either by flying out of peoples hands or the wrist strap broke. To prevent and to protect your Wii Balance Board, Talismoon has released a rubber silicone skin.
Protective soft skin for Wii balance board

As mentioned above, the protective soft skin is made of silicone rubber. Not only is it durable but it is also washable. The Protective Skin is like any other silicone skin on the market whether it be for your gaming controllers, handheld systems or cellphones. Simply slide it over your device and that is it. The skin covers the entire top of the balance board and wraps it self to the bottom of the board.
Protective soft skin for Wii balance board

The skin gives you easy access to the button on the balance board as well as battery pack. On the top of the skin, there are two footprints. These are outlined in rubber dimples. This gives you traction and grip when using the Balance Board.

Conclusion: Overall, the Wii Balance Board Protective Skin is a nice product. Nothing special about it. Its like a normal rubber silicone skin. You can choose from different colors: pink, green, blue, purple, grey. Although the dimples on the top gives you grip, is soft and where to place your feet, it may not work well for those with sensitive feet or just dont like anything touching their feet.

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