Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Skills of R4 and DSTT

Run DSTT system under R4 Environment

Do you still bother the compatibility on the latest released DS game of R4? Don’t you ever image to use DSTT kernel with R4 flashcard? One famous game enthusiastic fan Yasu shows us how to overcome this problem with his tool. Let's make our R4 revive!
The main purpose of this tool YS Menu is to make an unofficial customer loader which supports majority of flashcards (The latest version can be used in DSTT and AceKard2). For more information please read the YS Menu manual.

Let’s take DSTT as example.
First, go on his website and download YS Menu.zip and extract.
Run ttextract.exe with DSTT Kernel flies and three files will be created: ttpatch.dat, ttdldi.dat and r4patch.dat
Then rename YSmenu.nds to default.nds, copy r4patch.dat, default.nds, YSMenu.ini and TTMenu folder to TF card directly to replace the official ones. The YS Menu will run automatically when turn on DS.
If you don’t want to boot DS with YSMenu, just put default.nds, r4patch.dat, default.sav and YSMenu.ini to another folder.


walter said...
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walter said...

That works, but if you are using it as a 2nd dashboard, the .sav files doesn't work. Dunno why, but can't load them. Hope that this will be fixed in new updates.

Daniel said...

Acekard Flash Cards really works...........

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