Friday, September 5, 2008

Descendant of R4

New Generation of R4 -- R4 SDHC

It's little bit surprise that here comes the second generation of R4, one of the most popular NDS flashcard. From R4 Team official site we got its name: R4 SDHC. According to the data we get, let’s check it out what R4 SDHC it bring us.


Section I -- What is SDHC?
The table shows the development of SD memory card criterion. SD Card Association established new SD Memory Card Specifications 2.0 on May, 2006 since the urgent demand of video technology and real time R/W speed, which SDHC belongs to.
The revolution upgrades the R/W speed as well as supports the larger capacity. It’s a big contribution of R4 SDHC to support huge-sized DS game and multi-function software in the future.

Criterion Version Class R/W Speed Max Capacity Support
SD 1.1 Class 1 1M/s 4G
SD 2.0 Class 2 2M/s 8G
SD 2.0 Class 4 4M/s 16G
SD 2.0 Class 6 6M/s 32G

Section II -- New Function
There’re two new functions mentioned in the official guide: DLDI auto-patching and Full download play support.

Section III -- Package & appearance
There is no more different but a big “new” brand on the right corner and white “SDHC” printed after R4 logo. We can also see SDHC support description at the back cover. The inner side still sets the same style as R4 does, one card box and a USB2.0 card reader. Add SDHC logo at the front of the card.
The card is re-designed without spring slot so players don’t afraid that their card may get stuck. One more to mention, R4 SDHC has no shell to protect its gold fingers. And it can be inserted and pushed out of the DS with ease since it is thinner than other flashcards.
It’s a little pity there is no change for the R4 SDHC interface except auto-changing skin by month. Also all cheat codes on R4 are compatible.

Section IV -- The Kernel
R4 SDHC kernel is incompatible with R4’s (It’s important since it distinguishes the real R4 and other forms of R4 flashcard), the latest version is 1.21, you can download it from the official site ( and copy it to your card to replace the original one.

Section V -- Games & software
Report from some Chinese DS BBS shows that R4 SDHC can run most DS games and majority of software without accident. It also shows perfect representation to Emulators on DS.

ImgView 1.1 -- Pass
Comic Book DS 3.0 -- Pass
M3Sakura -- Pass
nesDS -- Pass
snesDS -- Pass
neoDS 0.2 -- Lag on Metal Slug

Super Mario 64 DS -- Pass
Summon Night 2 -- Pass
Final Fantasy 12 -- Pass
Castlevania ROP -- Pass
Sigma Harmony -- Pass
Band Brothers DX -- Pass

Since the multimedia player function is widely used with emphasis. R4 SDHC updates its CPU to supports 32G TF at max. More, it can be know from those fake R4 by the new design of PCB and kernel. Although it is no more than a new version of R4, still we can look ahead a bright future on this classic flashcard.
There are 2 other pictures of the r4 sdhc, have a look!


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Wizard said...

This card is confirmed by me to work for NO MORE THEN 4GB SDHC, if used with an 8GB card it will initally look fine, until it is filled with just over 4GB of data, then the filenames will appear scrambled in the kernel menu.

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