Tuesday, October 21, 2008

About Photofast Dual Slot Adaptor CR5400

Photofast Dual Slot Adaptor CR5400 Review

Photofast Dual Slot Adaptor CR5400

Photofast Dual Slot Adaptor CR5400 is a new storage accessory for PSP, which supports two TF cards within one adaptor. It's announced a year ago but till now we can get the detail about it. So please allow us to guide this revolutionary product to you.


In order to fit the PSP memory stick slot, CR5400 is designed as a very thin card with two slots on. We can even see its inner structure. Here is the official guide on how to insert the card. To summarize the card should be handled with care, and do not press or squeeze hard.

Photofast Dual Slot Adaptor CR5400 Review

R/W Speed Test

For the first time of use, both two TF cards must be formatted. And if you only use one TF card, make sure to put it in slot 1. We prepare SanDisk 8G and Kingston 4G for the speed test. All data is for reference only.
Tested Cards-----Display Capacity------Reading Speed------Writing Speed
--4G*2-----------7769 MB --------------7 MB/s -------------7.5 MB/s
--4G+8G---------11 GB------------------6.5MB/s------------4.5 MB/s
--8G*2-----------15 GB------------------6 MB/s---------------7 MB/s
Photofast Dual Slot Adaptor CR5400 Review

One more thing to be mention that do not exchange the two TF cards which have been already formatted and ready to use. Otherwise it may causes identification error on PSP.
Photofast Dual Slot Adaptor CR5400 Review

Homebrew Test

The test is under system version 4.01 m33-2, run perfectly on both PSP-1000 and PSP-2000.
Music Prx-----------------Pass
Remote Joy Lite-----------Pass
CPS1 / 2 PSP--------------Pass
SONY Digital Camera------Pass


It became obvious after test that the CR5400 features no difference from the original memory stick. All of PSPers can use it with no worry of any side-effect even on other Sony's products. If you can't format the TF card please go to Photofast's official site to download the format tool. Are you still worried about the huge movies and games can't be foisted into your card? CR5400 may be your best choice.

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