Wednesday, October 15, 2008

TGS, A Stock Show in 2008

TGS 2008

Review, the Tragicomedies of TGS 2008

TGS 2008
Now when the curtain of Tokyo Game Show 2008 falls, what takes the deepest impression on you? I'm neither Sony adherent nor Microsoft defender. I just want to share my feeling about TGS 2008 as a neutralist.
1. Lack of megahits
It's really little poor compare with last year, nearly all Japanese game developers slow down their paces on creating new games. As a result we can only see Resident Evil 5, a great game of the real meaning on Konami booth...

You may ask why don't mention those triplet RPGs form Square-Enix. From my point of view, Square-Enix overestimates the market digest ability. It's too frequent to announce a new game every two months for one company, and in fact they're no more than traditional ones with bells and whistles at first view.
For Monster Hunter 3, I don't know whether it's popular in Euro or AU or North America. What brings to me from the TGS crowd is Capcom leads a fashion only in Japan but it's not a hot number worldwide.
2. Handheld becomes leading factor
List all 20 new games released by Sony and pick up those on PSP. What makes me surprised that the majority of them are just cookies, with little investment to develop. The same thing happens on other game companies like Koei, Level5 and so on. Regarding the number of NDS and PSP games, it seems that here comes a period of lesser contribution. So does world game circumstance meets an obstacle which forces developers to focus on business at low cost or do the taste of players become too picky?
However all developers are continuing their sequel of traditional games, not exclusive but become multiplatform. Street Fighters IV, Winning Eleven 2009, FIFA09, Gundam Musou 2, Prince of Persia and so on, with a common brand "MUL". This really makes me feel that Japanese game developers are weary of creating new mega hit on console, they set the schedule cautiously and jump into all platforms they can involved in with mass of classic series due to the extravagent development expenses and exorbitant technical threshold.
To put yourself in their place, how will make a balance between game innovation and financial limit?
3. We want more showgirls, beauty and charm!
Still remind those charming gals appeared on TGS 2007 when scared by dinosaurian baby faces? Take out my old collection and say "thanks, all of you've done your best and goodbye" to most of showgirls on TGS 2008. Just as well it's not very important part of TGS for me; after all we are staring at the game on their hands but not themselves.
4. Summary
TGS 2008 has ended but more things remain for us to think about. The busy scene has passed away and what direction the console game will move on? I wish I'm fike but if there will be a hurricane in game field, I can wait.

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