Tuesday, October 14, 2008

PSP3000 Comes Close to Us


Sony Computer Entertainment American (SCEA) announced the PSP 3000 will be released on 14, Oct in North American, with a Ratchet & Clank: Size Matters bundle. Selling price is 199.99 USD. SCEA added that another pack of PSP3000 with a 4GB Memory Stick PRO duo will available in November (199.99 USD).

PSP3000 takes new LCD with anti-reflection technique which makes the screen brighter and more vivid. The new PSP also set a microphone inside for skype telephone function.
Sony executive Peter Dille explain why Sony carry two set of PSP 3000 series in order to meet its consumers at various age. “We aimed multimedia fans with 4GB memory stick set and they can download abundant matters on PSN shop, and for family we recommend Ratchet & Clank: Size Matters bundle.” Absolutely Sony’s new series will be the new favorite for both children and adults.

PSP 3000 product overview compare to PSP 2000 :
1. 480 x 272 pixels, approximately 16,770,000 colors displayed. As twice faster the response time takes and 5 times contrast rate as PSP 2000.
2. Build-in stereo speakers which is corresponding to the Skype and Go!Message chat tools.
3. Not only support progressive scan but also add DVI (Digital Video Interleaved).
4. Control pad melioration, 4 direction buttons sag at the center, which may take better hand feeling.
5. The metal ring at the back of PSP is redesigned to be thinner and not easy to be scratched.
6. The Home button is replaced by PS button with a Playstation logo on it.
Here are some images for the NEW PSP3000, have a look first!

psp 3000 with package
psp 3000 with package
psp 3000 with package
psp 3000 with package

Other: PSP 2000 took 29% discount dues to release of its follow-up sequel. We find most E-shops in Japan have adjusted the price down to 13,999 Japanese Yen this week.

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