Thursday, March 26, 2009


We can't find the site via

If you are a game player, if you have used R4, you will never forget this supernatural item which come from China, R4 has created a rush of flash cards, so many merchants have became rich, so many gamers fell in love with it. But now, we can't search the site by google, why? Is R4 will be buried? Or it just a kidding?

Nintendo launched their arrowhead DS series for years and it took up over 25% market share in the
world's video game industry, he relied game softwares to eat the big pie. But when flash card thick and fast, the balance was broken. A new power made Nintendo shakes.

Now, we can not search by google, we can not find the information we want, what happened? What to do? We are confused.
Support justice or the cheating?
Choose genuine or cheap one?

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