Thursday, March 26, 2009

Suppose there is no R4

How is the World Around You without R4DS?

One of our colleague is about to get a DSi when he hear that Nintendo is planing on cracking down on DS flashcard. He hesitates to move ahead since he already had a DS Lite. Some office cuties in our
dept. persuade him to accept the reality and preorder a DSi online or it might be sold out very soon. Sometimes we measure DS as an exclusive portable console for women and the aged, they focus on one or two or some certain kind of game and deeply involve themselves in, that's why they cost lesser on the DS game than youngsters since they can spend long period of time with one game they are in favor. But now, our hero has his head in a tar barrel.
the day without R4

Supposing you wanna buy two megahits this week, but you just have a little pocket money which can only afford a R4DS. Will you get one flashcard with sense of guilt instead of saving money for gamecard? We wonder if there’re any reasons to reject flashcard entirely from a gamer's point of view. What the most of them face is that where to get it.

Perhaps Nintendo detects the risk of flashcard, they start to take action. Promulgate laws, ban online purchase, firmware update on DSi, this century-old Hanafuda shop takes the first step ahead. So if R4DS is perished someday, what will be your first reaction? You might spend countless money on games, in like manner, the game developers do hard on every piece of work they release. Nothing of any value comes easily, people are losing their curiosity and interest while facing so many games which can easily own by using flashcard. All things turn to be pale and valueless because what we eager to get now is extremely within our hands. On the other hand, no one could certainly refuse the temptation of bargain price and universal features, especially the video game. When one's lust of obtaining his favorite game is above and beyond the what he can afford, who will still hold the traditional view of moral constraints?

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