Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Choose a Right Bag for Your Console

learn more about console bags

There are kinds of bags, also can be called pouches displayed in the internet. Gameyeeeah also provide you plenty of.

I am not intend to advertise this time, just want to share some experience of choosing a right outer devices for your console. Maybe you are experienced about this thing but please read on.
Choose a Right Bag for Your Console

Frist, you should know how mang kinds of bags at the market now, we take Nintendo DS lite for example. When we see these kind of bags on sale: compact bag, carry bag, crystal case, silicone case, soft pouch, leather bag, airform bag, multifunction bag, aluminum case, and theme bags, metal case but how to tell them apart? How to choose the right one? Don't worry about that I will talk about them to you one by one.

Every gamer wants cool devices for his console, so the appearnce is should be considered first, but sometimes the case with character themes are in high price, at the same time the most inconspicuous bag

is the airform and silicone case with low price but can give you wonderful protection.

The carry bag is usaully with long belt which can be used for carrying conveniently, it is a bit larger than the compact bag, sometimes is used as a multifunctional bag.

Some theme bag are nice and interesting but not all of them are popular, like the audience, they like the intersting and lovely characters, if they are about a game, this game must be very attractive and cool.

Aluminum case and matel case, people like the case but do not need them, nice not means cool and the price is higher than an ordinary one.

Airform case, simple, cheap, unpretty but practical.

Soft pouch, made of soft material aim to prevent scratch and with good hand feel, medium price, compared with other pouch it looks nice.

Like the compact bags, the leather bags are fit for the console, but it usually contains a support in the inside, made of genuine leather material it looks stylish but it is a bit expensive. What about the artificial leather, also in high price, I think there are not practical in deed.

But how to choose a right bag for your console? Just remenber they are similar in use, the only things you need to think about is the price and the appearance, and what role she play.

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