Sunday, March 8, 2009

Hot spot of game console accessories

Hot spot, a Summary of DS Lite console accessories

First, you should have a general understanding about video game accessories, we call all the items except the console as accessories which including the protective devices, cables and replacements, charging devices and it depends on the fields the console belong to.
Let's talk about this thing from Nintendo DS lite.
The NDSL accessory contains, case and screen, battery and chargers, adapter and cables, skin, stylus, replacement and flash card etc.
No.1, Flash Card

When Flash card was launched to the market, he never stop to show his talent to people all over the world, R4, M3, Supercard, EZ-flash, have blowed strong storms wave after wave, the R4 has taken so many players heart and became so populor.
It is simple to use and superacid compatible with GBA games and DS lite games. Recently Nintendo has announced to banned them in Japan and some other places, R4 has came to the end? We don't know but we are very expect of this thing, thanks for Flash cards.

No.2, Screen Protectors
When playing a fierce game or a fun game in the DS lite, DSL, it is hard to avoid using the stylus and screen wear, obviously no one want his lovly console with a painted face, then high grade and nice screen protectors sells well.
Low price, easy to fix and remove, can use to beautify the console, screen protector is a needed items for the console.

No.3, Stylus
Almost all the gamers have a common bad habit of throw the small stylus everywhere, when he remember to take up the pen he don't know whereit went, so many game players need plenty of replacement stylus for standby.
Cheap, multi-theme made, cute, conveniente shipping. Many sellers use the stylus pen as small gifts to attract thier customers, so it is also a necessary items for game players.

No.4, Chargers
If you want to enhance your entertainment, to playing longer, the power is must be considered, this time you need a high capacity battery or a charger or a AC adapter, these devices play an important role in gaming.
Take along, easy to use, provide strong electric energy support, the devices will be never been ignored by game players and sellers.

No.5, Case
There are many kinds of case filled the market, which contains pouch, crystal case, silicone case and other case with a shape of the consoles and function of protecting the consoles and made of various material. When you buy the console the seller must give you one or recommend you to choose one, it is depends on how you like it because they are the same in function.
So one day the game exict, people need to play with it, the game players won't forget it.

The article is only my personal opinion, if you don't mind I am very glad to talk over with you.

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