Monday, July 14, 2008

10 steps to choose a joystick, hand grip or controller

How to choose handling equipment for your game device

Take a look at your video game system and determine whether you need a joystick for a video game console, such as a Nintendo 64, Sega Dreamcast or PlayStation, or for a personal computer.
Blackhorns Wii Controller Grip
Take a look at your collection of games. Are you looking for a joystick to trim your lap times in racing games? Or are you looking for a more comfortable controller for long role-playing adventures?
Make a list of the technical specifications in the system you are buying for. For computers, make sure to write down how much memory your hard drive has, how fast your system is and what operating system you use. Other technical specifications include monitor size and quality, type of sound card, and other drives your computer supports, such as CD-ROM.
See what game port your system contains. A standard PC game port is what most computers have and is what most joysticks require. More advanced joysticks require more advanced specifications, such as a four-axis, four-button game port.
Determine how much money you'll invest in a new joystick. There are so many different video game accessories by several companies that it's a good idea to have a price range in mind.
Wii Rechargeable Remote Controller Grip
See what your friends are using and ask to test drive theirs. Your friends, who'll want to borrow your joystick, may be able to give you the best advice.
Read the description of the joysticks. Most descriptions focus on the joystick's compatibility with a certain type of game, such as sports or flight simulators.
Read reviews of any joystick before you make a decision. Certain magazines and Internet sites devote all their time to reviewing video game merchandise - value their opinions.
Match the joystick's minimum or recommended system requirements to that of your system. The worst scenario is buying a joystick that will not install properly into your system.
Wii Super Fighting Pad
Note the special features of the joystick, and purchase the best one for you. Many of the newer joysticks on the market look like strange gadgets from the year 3000 with a bunch of buttons doing all sorts of things. Buttons are cool and triggers are nice, but sometimes the simpler designs will suffice.

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