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Nintendo DS Accessories buying guide

Accessories on the video game's most comprehensive guide(NDS,NDSL)

The Nintendo DS, teamed with its superior redesign, the DS Lite, is the top-selling handheld gaming system. There are also boatloads of accessories available for the system. Special attachments allow you to play wirelessly on the Internet -- even if you don't have a wireless connection--charge the unit while driving and even watch movies and listen to music. (When buying chargers, make sure the device is compatible with your system. DS and DS Lites have different-sized AC adaptor slots.) Take a look at the bounty of DS upgrades.
Nintendo DS Accessories buying guide

DS vs. DS Lite

Nintendo released the DS in 2004 and replaced it with the smaller, superior DS Lite in 2006. The systems have the same hardware and play the same games, but the DS Lite includes adjustable screen brightness, a larger stylus, better button design and a lighter weight. As time passes, the DS Lite is increasingly being referred to simply as the DS, because it's more prominent in the marketplace.


Wi-Fi AdaptorScreen GuardStylusMax Media Player
Wi-Fi Adaptor : Those who have a wireless high-speed Internet setup have no need for this adaptor, but it comes in handy for those who have yet to take the wireless plunge. Just plug this baby into your USB port and an instant Nintendo-specific wireless hot spot is yours.

Screen Guard : Clear plastic film, cut to the size of your touch screen, is the best way to guard against unseemly scratches. The screen guard amazingly doesn't dampen the sensitivity of the touch screen.

Stylus : It's tough to find a DS owner who hasn't lost her stylus at one time or another. Good thing you can pick up replacements on the cheap (often less than $5).

Max Media Player : The Max Media Player vastly boosts your DS's capabilities as an entertainment device. The add-on lets you download and experience movies, music and pictures on your DS, making your device a smaller and cheaper version of the PSP.

Battery Packs/Chargers

Car ChargerBattery PackHome/Travel ChargerDS Starter Kit

Car Charger : Forget to juice up your DS before a long road trip? The car charger allows you to recharge your system when you're on the go. Thank your car battery later.

Battery Pack : DS batteries tend to lose their maximum life eventually, and when they do, it's time to get a new battery so your DS will last as long between charges as it did when it came out of the box.

Home/Travel Charger : The DS is packaged with an AC adaptor, but if you lose yours or bought the system used, you'll definitely want to pick up a spare adaptor, otherwise you won't be able to play your DS anymore once it runs out of power.

DS Starter Kit : Starter kits work as magic bullets that take care of many of your accessory needs with just one purchase. On the downside, you may end up with extra stuff you don't need, such as, I dunno, four red styli. Shop carefully.

Carrying Cases

Ultimate Leather CaseAluminum CaseSoft CaseGame Case

Ultimate Leather Case : This is probably the best choice for the biker or goth set. Get your DS stylin' in groovy black cowhide with this case.

Aluminum Case : Made for those who like to be able to toss around their DS at a whim and still be able to play it afterward, this hard shell protects the electronic innards of your system.

Soft Case : Living up to its name, this case envelopes your DS in cuddly comfort. It's a nice choice for those who like to carry the unit around in their pockets -- the case feels smooth against your leg and doesn't let your car keys leave scratch marks on the machine.

Game Case : We've covered the sundry ways to protect your DS, but what about the games? Game carrying cases eliminate the need to lug the game boxes around. Some models, such as the one pictured here, store up to eight DS titles along with four Game Boy Advance games.

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