Friday, July 25, 2008

Microsoft XBOX 360 Accessories buying guide

Accessories on the video game's most comprehensive guide(XBOX 360)

Any fashionista will tell you its accessories that make up the outfit. The logic applies to the video game world as well, particularly to the Xbox 360, which not only allows you to alter the look via adjustable faceplates, but benefits from an open-ended design that allows you to optimize the system with a number of add-ons. With this stuff you can modify your 360 experience to your whims.
Microsoft XBOX 360 Accessories buying guide

Console Accessories

Microsoft Wireless Network AdaptorPelican Fan StandXbox 360 HD-DVD playerNyko Intercooler

Microsoft Wireless Network Adaptor : The 360's online capabilities are brilliant, but accessing them can get annoying, especially if your cable modem is in a different room. The wireless adaptor takes away the need for extension cords.

Pelican Fan Stand : One of the 360's flaws is its propensity for overheating. The fan stand latches onto the side of the unit and keeps it cool, allowing you to avoid letting gaming become a fire hazard.

Xbox 360 HD-DVD player : Unlock the consoles potential to zap you into the next generation of digital film. The attachable HD-DVD player plugs into a USB port and plays crisp HD-DVD films. It also handles regular DVDs and takes some stress off of your console disc drive.

Nyko Intercooler : An alternative to the fan stand, the cooler hoses down your hot-and-heavy 360 with three fans. It's not known to feed your 360 grapes.

Controller Accessories

Microsoft Play and Charge KitMicrosoft Rechargeable Battery PackMicrosoft Quick Charge KitJoytech 360 Wheel

Microsoft Play and Charge Kit : Wireless controllers allow great freedom of movement, but they also imprison you while you wait for them to charge. The play and charge kit lets you keep going without pausing for a break. Ever.

Microsoft Rechargeable Battery Pack : Avoiding the need for standard batteries, this rechargeable pack saves you the trip for running out to the convenience store whenever your stash of Duracells runs dry.

Microsoft Quick Charge Kit : Working hand in hand with the rechargeable battery packs, this baby can recharge two packs at a time within four hours.

Joytech 360 Wheel : A must for driving-game enthusiasts, the joytech wheel makes steering your virtual ride a more lifelike experience.

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