Friday, July 11, 2008

Trust With ThisWii Rechargeable Battery Pack

Wii Rechargeable Battery Pack 3800mAh

3800mAh USB Rechargeable Battery for Wii Remote, you can easily charge and store your Wii Remotes. The pack includes a high capacity NiMH batteries, 3800mah, exclusively designed for the Wii Remote.

Use Instructions :
1. After you press button A on Wii controller, power indicator only bright 1 piece or 2pcs blue light, indicate that power supply not enough, must charge it.
2. One side of USB cable plug to battery pack, another side plug to Wii console, then can charge for this item independently.
3. Indicator light is red when charging, blue when full, charge item <6 hours.
4. It is able to use after inserting fully charged battery pack into controllerslot, if need compatible with Wii console code, directly using battery pack code is ok.

buy Wii Rechargeable Battery Pack 3800mAh

1. Compatible with any model of Nintendo Wii Wireless Controller
2. Capacity: 3800mAh rechargeable battery
3. 100% more battery life than Other battery pack
4. Rechargeable Cable: USB to DC 2.35 * 0.7 DC cable with direct plug
5. Charging through special cable connecting with Nintendo Wii console's USB
6. port or PC's USB port
7. Color: White

what is included:
Rechargeable Battery Pack 3800mAh *1
USB Cable *1

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