Friday, July 18, 2008

PSP Accessories buying guide

Accessories on the video game's most comprehensive guide(PSP)

Sony's PSP can potentially revolutionize the concept of portable entertainment. With its ability to handle music, pictures, video and games, its abilities are off the charts. Luckily there are an abundance of accessories out there to help maximize the fun you'll be able to get out of the PSP. You can buy accessories to make it easier to carry, control better, sound louder and charge up quicker. Take a look at what's available to pimp your PSP.
PSP Accessories buying guide


1.Adapter : This adaptor allows your games and movies to stream to a nearby television set. The image turns out slightly distorted, but it still shimmers and differences are hardly noticeable.

2.Sony PSP Joystick Set : Some complain that the PSP's analog nub is insufficient in the way it handles your controls. Switch in one of these small joysticks to tweak the way your nub operates.

3.SanDisk Memory Stick Pro Duo : To get the most out of your machine, you've got to be able to save game files, music and video. The 2GB stick acts as a mini hard drive for your PSP and can store several hundred songs.

Chargers/Battery Packs

1.Back-up Battery Pack : During the heat of battle, batteries tend to run down. Carry along an extra battery pack in order to stave off any chance of losing your data because of an inopportune power outage.

2.Extended Li-Ion Battery Pack : Said to last several hours longer than the factory-provided PSP battery, this pack uses advanced technology to squeeze more rechargeable juice out of a same-sized battery.

3.Home/Travel Charger : With a convenient shape that winds up into tiny ball, this charger works great on business trips, as well as a stand-by charger for home use.

4.USB Car Charger : The problem with pronged chargers is that they don't help you at all if you're stuck on a road trip. Car chargers set things straight for on the go PSP action, hooking into your dashboard vehicular power source.


1.Ear Buds : The simplest PSP amplifier devices available, the buds slip into your ears and deliver the sound up close. They're sort of gross to share, though, since they tend to get tainted by earwax.

2.Fold-up Amplified Speakers : The speakers built into the PSP may be weak, but the digital sound quality rises quite a few levels with these fold-away amps, which are best suited to home movie viewing and music listening.

3.Digital Headphones : Sleeker and sturdier than earbuds, while also a bit more rigid, these digital headphones are stylish and and deliver just as strong a sound quality as sets with inner-ear pieces.

4.Top-mounted Speakers : This plug-in amp makes your device somewhat top-heavy, but at least it doesn't get in the way of your thumbs when you're trying to play games.

Carrying Cases

1.Transparent Shield : If you'd like to protect your PSP while you're carrying it around but you think it's so darn beautiful you can't bear not to see it, get one of these babies.

2.Optimum Armband : The PSP is a bit too long to fit in your pocket, but with this sleeve it hangs on your arm quite nicely. It's particularly great for joggers and power walkers who are partial to chilling for Grand Theft Auto breaks.

3.EVA Carrying Case : With shock-absorbing padding, a belt loop and even a clip that can attach to a clothes hanger or key ring, the EVA case handles your travel case needs.

4.Kroo Carrying Case : A little bulkier than the competition, the Kroo case also arguably offers the most protection to your little electronic buddy. Think of it as a suit of armor for your multimedia device.

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