Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Guide to using R4 DS

6 Steps to use R4

The R4 DS is revolutionizing the gaming world, for it enables you to load a lot of games to your DS. You will need a micro SD card which is not included. But everything else you need to get gaming is already at your fingertips.


1. Gather your supplies. If your computer does not have a slot for the micro SD card, use the USB adapter that comes with the R4.

2. Slip the micro SD card into the USB adapter that comes with the R4 and then insert the USB adapter into a USB port in your computer. Go to "My Computer" and click on "Removable Disc" for the drive that corresponds with the USB adapter. This will vary with each computer.

3. Remove the disc that comes with the R4 and load it into your computer. Copy the files from the disc onto the micro SD card.

4. Take the micro SD card from the USB adapter when all the transferral of files is complete. Slip it into the bottom of the R4.

Insert the R4 into the DS. Turn the DS on. If you used the R4 properly, the DS should go to the R4 screen.

6. Use the R4 DS to download games for your DS. You can create files on your computer which can then be loaded to the DS via the micro SD card or the R4.

Things You’ll Need:
Micro SD card

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