Thursday, August 14, 2008

A list of hard case for psp 2000

4 POP Hard case for PSP 2000

When you own a psp slim, what you do first? Find games, download, and play games, or listen music, or do other things? But when you need to have a break, or drive a car, what you do first? the nice PSP slim may scratch by your fingers or your keys or other thing, drop to the ground. This time you think of the protectors, you said thank goodness, it is not too late to choose one.
This time we will recommend you four hard case for psp 2000. Generally speaking they have similar features but some details.
1.PSP 2000 Metallic protective Case
This is a GT metal case for PSP 2000, cool appearance, frim, six colors to choose, Purple, Crystal blue, Black, Blue, Silver, Pink.
PSP 2000 Metallic protective Case

2.PSP 2000 Crystal Case
Made of crystal material,lower price but also can be used for a long time, three colors to choose,blue, clear brown, silver.
PSP 2000 Crystal Case

3.Capdase Hard Case for PSP 2000
Fashion design, can be used as a movie stand, compartments for Memory Card, with a nice wrist strap it will gives your PSP a more actual protection, four colors to choose, yellow, red, black, silver.
Capdase Hard Case for PSP 2000

4.PSP 2000 Aluminium Case
From the name you can realize it made of aluminium, light, frim, cool, three colors to choose, blue, black, silver.
PSP 2000 Aluminium Case

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