Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Portable your playstation portable

3 Portable bags for your psp

When Plasytation appeared in people's eyes, it attracted most game players; when playstation portable was invented, you can take the playstation with yourself; when Playstation portable 2000 was created, with slim and light design it became more portable. But don't forget one thing, only you can play it anywhere anytime is real portable.

This time, we will show you 3 portable bags for your psp slim, with these fashional bags as a Waist Bags or shoulder bags, you can carry your psp console anywhere easily.

1.Portable Waist Bag for PSP 2000
waterproof material, tough, durable and highly distinctive, this desirable case will hold your Sony PSP 2000/Slim in style, and attract envious looks from rival PSP 2000/Slim players!
Portable Waist Bag for PSP 2000

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2.Portable Fashionable Bag for PSP 2000
Multifunction and fashion design, have enough space to hold your console and other devices.
Portable Fashionable Bag for PSP 2000

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3.PSP 2000 Portable Travelling Bag
Made of leather,with nice color can also be used to carry other things, fashion and useful!
PSP 2000 Portable Travelling Bag

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