Friday, August 1, 2008

Guide to using M3

9 seps to use M3

Guide to using M3
1.Know that if you order this product by mail, it is likely that you did not receive an installation CD, which is very useful. This guide is mainly for those who do not have this CD.
2.Gather all of the components. There should be a card reader with a USB key on the end. Put the Micro SD card in the reader. Be careful not to break it! Turn on your computer, then stick the card reader containing the card into the USB port.
3.Notice the menu that appears. Scroll down to find the button that reads "Open to View Files." The details of the Micro SD card will be displayed. Use the "Up One Level" button in the window. This should take you to "My Computer."
4.Discover that there is something called an e:// drive that is not normally there. Rename this "M3 REAL" and go back into it. Create a folder called NDS (save this for later).
5.Search Google for "M3 real system files", and find a website that gives system files 3.0 or above. (Note: On the actual M3 website the system files are wrong!)
6.Download the system files and save them to the M3 Real card, but be sure not to save them in the NDS folder. Then, use an extraction program to unzip the files.
If you can't do that, don't worry! Go into the zipped folder and copy all of the files and folders. Create a standard folder called "system2" and put them in there. Then, go back, delete the zipped folder, and rename the folder from "system2" to "System". Be sure to get this right, or it will not work!
7.Notice that the box it says "Built in PDA", but you will find it is not. Go back to the web and find M3 Real PDA files and save them to the M3 Real card. Then unzip or copy and paste the files into a standard folder. The M3 Real cannot read zipped folders.
8.Return to the NDS folder and create sub-folders (such as MUSIC, PICTURES, etc.). Place your files (e.g., MP3s) into the corresponding folder.
9.Go back and try again if it didn't work.

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