Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Monster Hunter Portable manufumofu pouch, TURE or FAKE?

Hard to judge? About Monster Hunter bag?

When the game Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G was put on sale, There were saveral peripheral about this game been made at the same time.
The most popular items are the Monster Hunter manufmofu and kit.
This time we will talk something about the nice pouch.

The reason is that the pouch was made of white fur like the monster, with soft touch feeling and cute appearance, with the pouch you can have a retaste of the game. At the same time, there are some fake ones got into the market, with lower price,it is hard to jude which is real one. Here are some photos to compare them, if you are carefully enough is not a difficult thing to choose the real one.

Compare with the original one the hair it a bit shorter but it also gives you soft touch.

The beads are made rough, the ropes' length not the same.

When open the pouch you can't find the long hair, this is very important, the original ones have long hair inside and it can protect your console perfectly.

When put a PSP and a DS Lite into it, I found the white DS Lite is the most harmonious one.

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