Friday, August 22, 2008

Wireless keyboard, or wireless controller?

New SONY PS3 wireless keyboard will be coming soon!

Sony has just unveiled a new wireless keyboard peripheral that can be connected to the PlayStation 3 controller (also known as the SIXAXIS), helping folks who love in-game text messaging to get their message across at unprecedented speeds. Heck, it will also make PS3 browser navigation a whole lot easier, especially when you have a long URL to key in. The black-colored keyboard matches the SIXAXIS, and is clipped over the front to remain securely in place. Another feature of this keyboard is a touchpad mode that makes mouse input possible. This touchpad could be incorporated in future game development - bad news for consumers since they need to purchase yet another peripheral then. No idea on pricing, but the keyboard is tipped to ship in 8 configurations across Europe.
SONY PS3 wireless keyboard
SONY PS3 wireless keyboard

The device will surely be helpful to anyone who does a lot of web surfing on the PS3 or sends a fairly large number of messages to friends, but is it going to be worth the price of admission? Sony is saying that the keypad can be used as a new control interface for upcoming PS3 titles, but in what way? Anyone out there looking forward to this, or does it fall in line with most of the Wii peripherals as "interesting concepts that have little to no practical use?"

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