Monday, August 25, 2008

Offers Your PSP 32GB Storage

Something about Photofast CR-3100

As you know, this device(CR-3100) was introduced at the Computex 2008 held in Taiwan, alongside another product that can provide up to 16GB of storage called the CR-5400.June, 2008. It promises to provide up to 32GB of memory for your Sony PSP.
Photofast CR-3100

The devices allow you to combine SDHC memory cards to provide extra storage space.
The CR-5400 can combine two 8GB cards totaling 16GB while the CR-3100 can combine four 8GB cards, effectively quadrupling your storage to 32GB.

PhotoFast is not stopping there either. Apparently they plan to increase the maximum storage to 64GB.
But do you think how to use it? This time we will share with you, see them below:
use Photofast CR-3100
use Photofast CR-3100

Notice, if you only use one DS card, you should insert it to the left slot of the picture otherwise it can't work.

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