Thursday, August 14, 2008

Hifi sound system and voice-operated device for psp 2000

New products of PSP Slim

This time, I will show you two devices for PSP 2000, a HIFI sound system and a remote controller with earphone for PSP 2000 slim. Both of them are produced by Blackhorns, with stylish design them can give you a more interesting feeling when playing your PSP slim.
1.PSP 2000 HIFI Sound System
PSP 2000 HIFI Sound System


1.Infrared remote control :volume /-
2.Prev, Next, Forward, Rewind, Play/Pause
3.Auto-charge PSP2000 console
4.Earphone output function
5.Power supply by 4pcs AAA batteries
6.AV/Component switich Antiskid design
7.Suitable For PSP-2000

2.Remote Controller with Earphone Kit for PSP Slim(black,white)
Remote Controller with Earphone Kit


1.Remote Controller for PSP Slim&Lite
1)Nice appearance, more convenience
2)75cm cord, long enough for you
3)Metal button, more fashion more dignity
4)Clamp function
5)Perfect funtion for you

1)Perfect partner for remote controller
2)PU material cord, more flexile and no more twist troubles
3)Hi-Fi Stereo provides perfect melody

you can also check HIFI Sound System and Remote Controller with Earphone Kit to know more about them or buy them.

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